The Mushatts No. 9

The Mushatts No. 9 range of Psoriasis Skin Care products goes back to 1922 in Ireland when a pharmacist in Dublin created this effective range of psoriasis treatments.

Containing a unique blend of natural and active ingredients, Mushatts No. 9 psoriasis products have successfully treated thousands of psoriasis sufferers for almost 90 years.

Today, Mushatts No. 9 psoriasis products are carefully prepared in the U.S in an FDA approved facility using the
original Irish formulation. Below is a sample of the many testimonials from satisfied Mushatts users.




History of Mushatts

The American Indians used to call them Medicine Men and in the annals of
medieval Dublin, Ireland, they might have been known as Witches or
Alchemists. But with the progression of science, names like Apothecary
and pharmacists came into use. But whatever we call the science, the
Mushatt family became an institution in the Liberties area in Dublin for
over forty years. With their mixtures and preparations, they seemed to
cure all the ills of the poor and working classes of the city they
sometimes found their way to the better off and, because the rich had a
choice, their beliefs were often stronger than the actual medicine they
were taking.


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