It took me a while to begin writing this post because, truthfully, I didn’t quite know where to start! So much has changed in the last six years— I have changed. I’ve grown, I’ve learned, I’ve experienced some life changing milestones. And now… I’m going back to my roots.

I started MissMaven.com in 2011 as platform to review and share the best beauty products I’d tested. It was a simple vision, and I’m lucky to be able to say I gained a lot of loyal readers in the roughly four years I was focused on my blog. Fast forward to 2017: My focus has shifted to my YouTube channel and juggling all the supplemental social media platforms. Almost two years ago I noticed I wasn’t enjoying blogging as much anymore, and for the longest time I had no idea why. I’d always loved to write, (it was the whole reason I’d started a blog in the first place) and that passion never went away, but something was keeping me from creating blog content.

After much reflecting, about six months ago, I finally figured out what it was that deterred me from committing myself to blogging: The name. I’d outgrown MissMaven.com! Something about it started to feel juvenile and not me anymore. It made sense: Since I first came up with the name, I’ve grown quite a bit. And I don’t mean ‘grown’ in numbers; just grown as a person, both personally and professionally. There was just no part of me that was attached to the name anymore.

The minute I came to this realization I immediately felt liberated and re-motivated to go back to what it was that got me started in the digital space in the first place. I went back to square one: Pick a name and come up with a layout. This was the most excited I’d been in a very long time! I wanted the name to indicate a series of thoughts on various topics, and I wanted it to be simple.

“Remarques” struck me as just the right umbrella term for what I’m trying to do here; think of this as my digital diary, my “remarks” on different parts of my life.


The letter Q is more attractive to me for some reason, hence the spelling! The word ‘remarque’ itself has a meaning in art, and in this particular spelling it’s also a word in French. But I hope it develops its own significant meaning as I develop it into the blog that I’ve been dreaming of.  

I knew I wanted this new blog to be more refined and have a grown up feel, something to reflect where I am in my life. I’m now in my 30’s, but more significant is how much more diverse my content is now than when I started MissMaven.com. Back then it was about beauty and beauty only. Now, I share all facets of my life from beauty and style to home and travel. And along this journey of living on social media, I’ve built a relationship with the people who watch my videos and like my photos. (That would be you, ha!) I’ve bonded with many of you over life’s joyful moments and painful trials, reminding me that we’re all people with our own challenges, fears, and triumphs. Sharing personal posts will be more common on Remarques… Something I never did with MissMaven.

You’ll also notice the old posts from MissMaven.com are still here. Just because I’m parting ways with MM doesn’t mean it’s not a wonderful part of my past that I’m proud of. I smile looking back on those posts and seeing how much I’ve grown! I wouldn’t think of erasing that from history, so if you had a favorite post it’s probably still here!!

I’m excited, I’m nervous, and I’m inspired. I’m also feeling very grateful that you’re here reading this, and I hope you’re as excited as I am to continue to grow with me here on Remarques. Thank you for being with me then, and thank you for being with me now.

with gratitude,

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