When summer rolls around people always ask me if I’m going on vacation anywhere. My answer is pretty much always the same, (“I don’t vacation.“) but this summer was a treat: One of my favorite brands, Maybelline, arranged a trip to The Hamptons (where I hadn’t been before) that ended up being one of my favorite trips ever!

For starters, they put us all in one house in East Hampton; probably one of the most stunning properties I’ve ever seen. I think that’s what made the difference with this trip: I got to travel with a group that I’ve traveled with many times before, a group that I really enjoy being with, and we all stayed under the same roof! We wore onesies, we sang karaoke, we ate, we drank, we lounged by the pool… It was the perfect little getaway for the summer.

As I posted on Snapchat and Instagram I started to get a lot of questions about my swimwear throughout the week, so I figured I’d do a post on summer style showing you everything I wore!

The first day was the most relaxing; all we did was lay out by the pool, swim, and just chill. I’d bought this really cute swim set that I wanted to wear on the trip, but it’s a machine knit fabric so it wasn’t really swim-appropriate… Just suitable for a photo opp! It’s called the Malibu bikini and the long sleeve top is called the Malibu Knit Crop Top. The set is made by Andi Bagus (but I bought it from The Naked Tiger) and the quality was really impressive; it stretched just enough but really held its shape.

Once I was done shooting this look, I quickly changed into my one-piece suit so I could swim freely! This is one of my favorites swimsuits I’ve ever owned, actually. Asherah Swimwear really nailed the sporty and sexy vibe all in one piece. It’s a pretty simple design, but the mesh detail really makes this a unique bathing suit. (And it’s on sale right now!)



The following day we headed out to Montauk where we spent the afternoon at Gurney’s. I decided to wear a very simple one piece bathing suit by Ayra Swim, it’s called The Hype. I hadn’t tried any swimsuits from them before, but when it arrived in the mail I tried it on and I was so impressed with the quality! It’s a nice, thick fabric that really hugs your body and keeps everything in place. So even though it’s a sexy piece, you can still play in it without worrying about an unreliable fabric or cut. I actually want this in every color now!!

Finally, the last swimsuit I wore was kind of a risky one. This one is also by Asherah Swimwear, and I got it about a year ago and never wore it. I figured I’d bring it out since I was with a group that I’m comfortable with and never really wore a swimsuit featuring underboob, ha! It’s obviously a very sexy piece, not really one that you’d play much in. But it’s another unique style that’s kind of a bikini/one piece hybrid.

I’m actually surprised I wore pretty much all one-piece suits! I’m usually a bikini type, but the styles on one-piece swimwear these days is just so much more sexy and tailored. Hopefully I can spend some more time poolside before the summer’s over and wear these all over again!

Photos by @walvero.

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