If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that gray hairs are the dark cloud that hangs over my beauty routine. Especially having the darkest brown hair, the grays are quite the eyesore!

I’d spent years using a professional brand of permanent color to cover up my grays, never satisfied with the outcome: I’d have to sit for 45 minutes with the color in my hair and even then some of the grays didn’t take. I’ve got a busy schedule and a thousand things to do every day; dedicating an hour to an unsuccessful color attempt just isn’t conducive to my on-the-go lifestyle.

My frustration led me to the local drugstore where I picked up a box of the Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch-Up. I’d passed the box in the hair aisle for years but hadn’t tried it, and I noticed the box said it covers grays in 10 minutes. Comparing my previous experience with coloring my grays, it seemed impossible that this box held the key to a quick and eective color job.

But I tried it anyway and, in 10 minutes, I became a believer: When you’re in between salon visits and can’t find the time to book another appointment, Root Touch-Up is the perfect fool proof at-home solution for grays until you can get back in your stylist’s chair.

I won’t even question what kind of sorcery allows it to cover my grays so well and so quickly, but I’ve partnered with Clairol to tell you guys about the color and how it works.

The package comes with five items: The color, the developer, a brush specially made for touching up your roots, a mixing container, and a pair of gloves. Before you color, it’s important to perform an allergy test 48 hours prior to application to make sure you’re clear of any reactions. (The inside of your wrist or your neck are good spots to test out.) Once you’re ready to color, combine the colorant and developer in the mini container provided in the box and use the brush to mix.

Of course, be sure to wear the gloves provided in the package so you don’t stain your hands! I like to use the pointed end of the application brush to make a clean separation in my hair. I start on one side by my ear and work my way up in an arc to the other ear, repeating the same steps: Separate small sections of hair, apply the color to the grays, and move on to the next section. The entire coloring process takes me roughly 5-7 minutes. Once I’m done with the color I just use my fingers (gloves still on) to comb all my hair back and make sure my roots are all covered. If you have really stubborn grays, leave the color on for an additional 5 minutes to be safe! Then just rinse out and shampoo as usual.


The box says the color lasts for three weeks but, from my experience, I’ve never seen the color fade out and I’ve used it four times already. (I color every 5-6 weeks; I can’t stand to see more than half an inch of those grays on my head!) Of course, this could vary on dierent people but you can expect it to last for 3 weeks! It truly lasts and doesn’t wash out right away. Most importantly, it’s a key product for someone like me: Always on the go! Just this last month I had a trip to New York where I knew I’d be photographed a lot, and as I was packing up the night before I looked in the mirror and realized my grays were going to be front and center in all those pictures! I not only finished packing for the trip the following morning but I was able to color my grays with Root Touch-Up, wash and dry my hair, all in time to get into bed at my usual hour.

And the color? I use Black, even though my hair isn’t quite black. But somehow it adapts to my hair color and looks just like it grew out naturally. It’s aordable, eective, and it’s one product I’ve got my bathroom stocked with for a quick and easy touch up anytime I need it. If you’ve tried Root Touch-Up, let me know in the comments what you think!

Thanks to Clairol for partnering with me on this post!

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