We all have different styles and opinions when it comes to beauty and fashion; but one thing most of us can agree on is that hair removal is pretty much an essential part of any woman’s beauty routine. Whether you’re looking to impress in your bikini or create a smooth and hair-free canvas for your makeup, I’m testing out a product that’ll bring you body hair removal with long lasting results… All in the comfort of your own home!

UJ5A0171Recently I was asked to review the Gillette Venus Silk-expert powered by Braun, an at-home IPL device. Most of us are familiar with Venus as a female-favorite in razors, and they’ve joined forces with Braun to create the super easy-to-use Venus Silk-expert. The first thing that struck me about the device when I opened the package was how simple it all looked: There’s just the device and a power cord… That’s it! There were no complicated attachments or instructions, it was all very straightforward. Also included in the box is a Venus razor so you’ve got all you need to complete the process from beginning to end.


Before using the device, it’s essential that the area you’re going to treat is shaved, so I used my Gillette Venus & Olay razor to shave my left leg. (I like this one because my skin is pretty dry and you shouldn’t have any lotion on when you’re using the Venus Silk-expert; this way I get extra exfoliation and moisture while I shave.) I decided to use the device only on my left leg so I could measure the results against my right leg. Once I was finished shaving, I went ahead and dried my skin and prepared my new IPL device for use, which included just one step: Plug in the a/c adapter into a power outlet and it automatically powers on.



When it comes to using the Venus Silk-expert, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use: Once the machine comes on, you place the head onto your skin and the light meter on the side will light up. Here’s where this device gets really high-tech: It has a SensoAdapt™ skin tone sensor that’s able to detect your skin and give it the amount of light it needs for safe and effective results. This is what made me feel confident about using this, because it can be intimidating trying to figure out what level of intensity you need for good results without being a professional. The Venus Silk-expert takes all the guess work out of permanent hair reduction and does the calculation for you. Once you have the head on the area you want to treat, you just click the large button and it will deliver the light in a nano second, producing a red light which tells you it’s done. Just move the device and repeat on the other areas you want to treat! As for pain, I can be a baby about these things (ha!) and I did just fine; it feels like a quick rubber band slap and it’s so fast that it doesn’t slow down the process at all.


So far I’ve used the Venus Silk-expert 3 times and I’m already starting to see a noticeable reduction in hair on my left leg vs. my right leg. You really start to see results beginning around 4-6 weeks, but already some of the follicles are gone completely (this doesn’t mean they’re gone forever; it could, but it’s likely that it’s slowed the growth) and when I run my hand up both legs I can feel less hair on the left side. I’m really eager to see how it looks after 12 weeks. I’m also going to use this on my under arms since I had laser hair removal done there about 8 years ago and I could use a touch up!

The IPL device is best suited for fair skin with dark hair; darker complexion will absorb more light from the device so it won’t actually be effective and is not recommended. (I’m a medium complexion with dark hair.) It’s also not very effective on blonde, red, gray, or white hair. That’s where it’s useful to have the SensoAdapt™ that reads the skin and hair tone to determine what amount of light needs to be delivered for optimal results.

The Venus Silk-expert powered by Braun is available now and can be found in store and online at select stores nationwide, including Bed Bath & Beyond and

FTC: In partnership with Gillette Venus.