When I find a good hair treatment, my first thought is always, ‘I can’t wait to blog about this!‘ It’s not often I find a product that does what it says, (that’s why you’ll see a smaller selection of recommended hair products on my blog!) especially if the claim is pretty hefty. Such was the case when Kérastase sent me their Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate: It claims to reduce breakage drastically, promote longer hair growth as a result of keeping the hair healthier, and altogether stronger and shinier hair… And these results are supposed to become visible after seven uses. All of this sounds great, of course, but I had to put this super serum to the test!

After I washed my hair and towel dried, I took the dropper applicator and dispensed two pipettes into my hand and started working the milky serum into my scalp. Then I used three more pipettes for the rest of my hair, concentrating on my (pretty severely) damaged ends. The consistency of the serum is pretty liquidy, (not oily or slick at all like most serums) so it sinks right in with zero residue. If you have fine hair, this is going to be a huge plus for you! Since I have coarse, thick hair (and a lot of it) I used five pumps. If you have less or finer hair, you can use as little as two.

I proceeded to repeat this process for the next four washes and followed with a blow dry each time. To my utter surprise, I can now wear my hair straight. That probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but let me explain: I typically blow dry my hair and put waves through it with a curling rod after because it tends to hide damage if the hair is curled. My hair is dry to begin with, and the fact that I color and heat style damages it even more; to the point where my hair actually looks like hay at the ends! For this reason, I can never wear my hair straight because the damage is all too visible. But for the last two weeks I’ve actually been wearing my hair straight, and it feels so good! The damage is far less visible, and my hair is soft. It’s been less than a month, by the way…

Needless to say I’m going to continue using Initialiste as my holy grail hair product! I was curious to know how others liked the product, so I did some research and read some reviews: Turns out about 90% of people who used it are reporting their thinning hair has grown in thicker and fuller. I’m anxious to see if I’ll see similar results, (even though my hair is thick, it used to be a lot thicker!) but for now I’m enjoying much healthier and softer hair!