Catchy title, huh?

I wanted to share this outfit of the day because it’s getting a lot of love on Instagram! I’m not surprised: It’s a relaxed look that’s great for an ordinary day, but it’s still edgy and put together. I had a fun day hanging out with some of my pals at The Platform enjoying live music and good eats, then I headed over to check out the Diane von Furstenberg exhibit in LA. (Mindblowing, to say the least.)

I wore my relaxed fit jeans from Zara, which I typically roll up because A) they look better that way and B) I’m short and these are one of the few pairs of pants that I haven’t had tailored. Also from Zara are my heels! I seriously cannot go anywhere without getting at least two different people complimenting these shoes; they’re a definite show stopper! And they’re comfortable, too, since the material is very flexible and the heel is still fairly conservative at about 3.5 inches. I could walk around in these all day so they were the perfect pick for this outfit. my comfy gray tee is from Forever 21, which is a bit of a shock… I don’t normally get my basics from Forever 21. But somehow this one has lasted me about a year and I love wearing it! To top it off I’m wearing my faux leather studded and cropped jacket from H&M, the perfect pairing with this simple outfit: The studded accents add just the right amount of jazz to this look. The outfit is simply not complete without the jacket! (Sleeves pushed up, of course.) Lastly, I’ve got on my Céline Matrix sunnies to block those bright California rays.

So on to my hair and my curious title! Here’s the deal: I’ve been parting my hair right down the middle for the last eight years. At this point it kind of just knows to part there without me forcing it to. This morning I woke up, went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and discovered my hair had parted itself differently. Almost perfectly, too! I figured it was no accident and went with it. I very rarely rock the side part, I just don’t think it’s the most flattering part for my heart-shaped face. But today it felt right… And it might again tomorrow!

photo copy

The walls at the DVF exhibit were insane. This was just one of about 5 different patterns… It begged for a photo.

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