If you ask anyone what style means to them, chances are the majority are going to have some variation of this answer: Style is expression. From the shoes on your feet to the jewels around your neck, fashion gives us a chance to explore different ways to express ourselves. I’ve always seen style as confidence-building; as an adolescent and a young adult I always had reservations about how to dress myself and what I could and couldn’t experiment with. But I’ve become so comfortable with the idea of testing out different styles that I may not normally have thought were “me,” so I’m thrilled to team up with bebe to share with you a little journey into style and self confidence.


I had a chance to shoot a video with bebe for spring, so I got together with their team to pick out what pieces I would use to tell my style story. For me, it’s always nice to make fashion a collaborative effort, because you get to talk out loud about what you believe works and hear what ideas others have, too. I’ve got a pretty strong personality, so picking the two looks was almost immediate for me: I locked my eyes on a gorgeous floral maxi dress that I knew would turn heads and immediately balanced it out with a more sporty crocheted dress-and-cropped-jacket combo. Here’s where the process got interesting: Thanks to Naomi, one of the awesome stylists at bebe, I worked up the courage to wear a pair of black hoop earrings in a chain design, something I would probably never wear! For me, this was a chance to really step outside my comfort zone and wear something that I didn’t think I could pull off. But I got dressed, threw my hair back, put on my zip up booties, and fastened those hoop earrings and I could not have looked or felt better!



It wasn’t just about this one instance taking a style risk; this was just one experience that built up my confidence and got me excited to push the envelope a little more and try out new and different things! Style is a constantly evolving concept, whether a little bit or a lot, and dressing with confidence is key for great style. When you feel good, you look good… Am I right?!


I hope you all enjoy this behind the scenes video and of course check out the awesome video bebe put together by clicking here!! The items I wore in this video are available to shop in store and online. 

Print Pleated Maxi DressCrochet Lace Mini Dress | Nikita Jacket | Chainlink Hoop Earrings | Moto Jacket  |  Lovella Clutch  |  Layered Tribal Necklace  |  Ensie Strap Sandals  |  Acheline Pointy Booties

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