Since the moment I finished remodeling my home, my study has been my favorite room in the whole house. I’d always wanted a library in my home, but none of the rooms would accommodate exactly the vision I had in my head (floor to ceiling books on two walls, a cognac chesterfield in the middle, black tile and mahogany bookcases, and a set of double doors leading out to a patio) so instead I turned the den into my study. It’s a combination of an office and a library, with one wall behind my desk lined with books. I wanted this room to have a very vintage feel so all the details were carefully thought out.

The one question I get repeatedly about this room is “what is the paint color?” I knew I wanted a deep but muted shade of blue, and Calligraphy by Behr turned out to be perfect. I did, however, ask them to mix the color at 25% darker. I did all the molding, including base molding and the windows and doors, the same color to keep that dark theme going. I had my drapes custom sewn, so I went out bought exactly the fabric I wanted. I wanted a combination of chartreuse and olive to sit against that dark background, and the velvet material really makes that color pop. I also had a custom built in bookcase made; without it the room just wouldn’t be what it is! It’s definitely the showpiece of the space.

Another item I wanted to add to the room was an investment I’ve been wanting to make for some time now. I was able to find a vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk from the 1920’s and it sits right by the window, stacked with books! I looked for months to find the perfect dimensions and condition. I ended up finding mine on 1stdibs where they have a pretty nice selection of trunks. I will warn you, though: Most of the trunks available for sale come from the UK or Europe, and when I received mine I had about an $1,100 duty to pay! It was an unexpected expense so just be aware of that if you’re thinking of getting one of your own. They make nice coffee tables or accent tables, and they hold their value nicely. I personally love getting the ones that are monogrammed; it makes me think of who these initials belong to and what their life might have been like. (Mine has a medium size H and a small 5 on it… Who could this have been?!)

One change I made to this room is the desk chair. You might recall the original chair was upholstered and not exactly the best fit for back support! I started having major back pain after sitting at my desk for even just an hour or two, so I asked my chiropractor if he would recommend a good desk chair. I purchased it from Staples for right around $130 and assembled it myself. It’s one of those taut mesh seat for good back support and it also has a neck rest for good posture. I’ve experience no back pain since I switched the chairs and I couldn’t be happier! It isn’t the most glamorous chair but I’ll take my physical well being over aesthetics any day.

The last thing I added to this room is a very small detail but so appropriate for the theme. I found a set of antique spectacles from Anthropologie and it sits right atop my books on the trunk. I collect books, one of my favorite things to do is visit old book stores and find the oldest books I can get my hands on, and a lot of them have very small print so this comes in handy for magnifying the text.

I think those are all the additions and changes I’ve made to my study! I feel like my home is always going to be a work in progress so I’ll update as I go along. I also have a new home project that I’m so excited to share with you guys, stay tuned!


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