Thanks to Lens Crafters Glendale for treating me to an eye exam to fit me for these contacts!!

Color contacts have been around for a long time; as a teen who needed corrective contact lenses, I used to play around with different colors all the time! But times and technology have changed, of course, and color contacts have come a long way.

I recently got in touch with Alcon and they told me about their brand new technology in color contact lenses called AIR OPTIX® COLORS. I had a chance to attend an event here in Los Angeles at the Chateau Marmont where they were showcasing all the colors. (Obviously, I had loads of fun trying on the different colors!) The entire team seemed really proud of this innovation in color contacts, and once I heard more about the new technology and actually tried out the lenses for myself, I was very impressed.

It turns out the colors in these contacts are actually embedded within the lens as opposed to a film printed on top of the lens. Once I tried on the contacts, this technology totally made sense because I could barely feel anything in my eyes! The comfort level on these is a perfect 10. And then there’s the color: The AIR OPTIX® COLORS lenses have a 3-in-1 color pattern where there’s a mix of an outer ring, a primary color, and a brightening inner ring that gives these subtle colors depth and dimension. My personal favorite, after trying most of the colors, was the Pure Hazel, which I’m wearing in the photo above. The Green came in at a close second, and the two colors are actually very similar, but the Pure Hazel just has that amber tint that gives my light brown eyes a glistening gold appearance. When it comes to color contacts, I’m all about enhancing with very subtle colors that’ll just brighten up my natural color, and the Pure Hazel does just that.


If you visit the AIR OPTIX® COLORS site, you can actually upload your own photo and try on the different colors in their Color Studio. Give it a shot and see which one your favorite is!!


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