When I was in college, we took a trip to Italy during the summer before my senior year. We toured and performed in Venice, Florence, Rome, and finally took some time to vacation, finishing out our trip on the beautiful island of Capri. That was in May 2006… It was one of the biggest surprises of my life that Dolce & Gabbana invited me to Capri exactly 10 years later, to the day, to celebrate the limited edition launch of Light Blue.

Visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy and specifically Capri is one of the most magical experiences one could have. I remembered everything, down to the scent of the place! But this time around I had the pleasure of learning more about what Capri has to offer, thanks to Dolce & Gabbana. The Light Blue fragrance is one of my classic favorites; I wore it consistently in my early 20’s. And now, with the limited edition Light Blue Love in Capri, (and Light Blue Beauty of Capri for men) I learned just what it is about Capri that inspired this fresh and memorable scent.


One thing you should know about the island of Capri is that lemons are abundant! They’re large, have a wonderful aroma, and are used in much of the cuisine on the island. Pairing lemon and mandarin with honeysuckle, almond blossom, jasmine, and heliotrope, the crisp and energizing scent is at the same time fresh and warm with a base of musk, cedar wood, and dry amber.



You may recall the iconic Light Blue ad with David Gandy and Bianca Balti in Capri in front of the Faraglioni; one morning we took a boat out and cruised right to the spot where they shot that campaign! The steep cliffside and the enormous rocks in that crystal blue water made for one of the most memorable moments of the entire trip. It’s not hard to imagine a love story in Capri; you’re surrounded by endless natural beauty, from the Blue Grotto to the lush green landscapes… Who wouldn’t fall in love?!


After enjoying a lovely dinner with the entire Dolce & Gabbana team, the following morning we hopped on a boat headed back to Naples to catch a flight home. As we got further and further away from the island, I was able to admire its natural beauty from a distance. I waved goodbye and, before even stepping onto the mainland, started to plan my next trip back to beautiful Capri.



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