My hair usually stays in a perpetual state of middle-part-beachy-waves. Part of it is that I’m so used to the style, but I also feel really comfortable in my casual loose waves! But lately I’ve been feeling a little more adventurous with my hairstyles, so I’ve got a lot of new hair guides and tutorials coming your way soon, beginning with a new partnership with Garnier Fructis!

I flew to New York City to shoot a quick and easy video tutorial with the Garnier Fructis team featuring a sleek, high ponytail. You won’t see me in ponytails much, and much of the reason is because I have so many little flyaways and baby hairs, and they’re so hard to tame! But with the right combo of products I was able to snatch back that ponytail for a super sleek look.

Here are the tools and products I used to achieve the look:

  1. Fructis Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector
  2. Fructis Sheer Set Hairspray
  3. A flat iron
  4. A flat brush
  5. Hair elastic

Starting with clean, dry hair, I sprayed the Fructis Flat Iron Perfector all over my hair to protect from the heat while I styled. Then, I began flat ironing my hair until it was sleek and smooth.

Next, I sprayed Fructis Sheer Set Hairspray onto my brush and started brushing my hair up into a tight ponytail, being sure to brush out any bumps. And here’s a tip: When you’re brushing up the back of your hair, tilt your head back instead of forward as you brush. That way when you return your head to upright position the hair in the back will be nice and taught! Spraying the brush with the Sheer Set Hairspray will eliminate any static as well.

Finally, with a hair elastic, I secured the ponytail high up on my head. Taking a piece of the ponytail, I wrapped it around the hair elastic and secured it with a pin behind the ponytail so it was hidden. I sprayed my hair once more with the Sheer Set Hairspray to lock in the style, and that’s it!

Don’t forget to check out the full video on the Garnier YouTube channel, and be sure to follow @GarnierUSA for more style ideas.

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