Since there won’t be a house update video for a while, I figured I’d sneak in a little update here on Remarques! At this point, the house is done, we’re wrapping up finishes, and the furniture is almost all here! I’m working on a reveal video with some very special partners due to go live the first week of September, but until then I wanted to share some of the inspiration behind a couple of rooms in the house.

Since the home is an English Tudor, I had to give it extra attention when it came to picking furniture. I think I searched for roughly 5 months to find all the right pieces, and I probably still don’t have everything I need! But considering how difficult it is to find traditional style furniture that still works in a 2017 home, I think we did pretty well in the search. One thing I discovered while searching for furniture is that the majority of what’s on the market is distinctly separated into two categories: If you’re looking for modern, it’s almost all midcentury style. If you’re looking for traditional, it’s almost all French! Because I had such a specific filter for what I was looking for, (modern medieval, anyone? No?) I had to dig extra deep not only to find pieces that worked but also to mix in some transitional and modern elements so it didn’t end up looking like Henry XIII’s crib.

Medieval/gothic was a theme I immediately clung to when I envisioned the decor in this home. But believe it or not, I was able to mix the antique look of medieval with the more clean and modern midcentury. I think one of my favorite rooms ended up being the dining room: Since I can’t show you the actual rooms just yet, I’m going to show you digital renderings I did. (Yes, I did that. If you know me you know I’m a little cuckoo like that.)

I’ve always been really ‘safe’ when it came to pairing furniture together… This room turned out to be everything but safe, ha! For one thing, I’m done with the white/gold/marble combo; it’s been done so much and it’s not something that would fit the style of the home anyhow. I knew I wanted a darker theme for a couple of the rooms, and I couldn’t be happier with the way this one turned out! I love the grand, rustic medieval table with the mid-century chairs. The buffet itself almost combines the two styles together, and the antelope skulls (made of resin, certainly not real) throw in a garnish of the American southwest. It’s all so different but it works so well. And the framed piece you see over the buffet is one that I hope to pass down as a family heirloom: It’s a large Hermes scarf with the Armenian alphabet on it. The minute I saw it I know it had to be framed in my home, and this was almost 2 years ago when I bought it! The fuchsia color just adds to the juxtaposition of the whole room, making this one of the more interesting rooms in the house.

Of course, there are other rooms in the house with a more light, airy theme, but this room was definitely a risk. Somehow working with darker colors is more difficult, but, as my dining room proved, it could also end up being the most spectacular room.

The master bedroom is a little bit of a mix of dark and light, but has enough of that serene color palette necessary for a room you retire in at the end of the day. I also mixed in gold and silver because, in all honesty, it’s just too hard to do only one or the other! It made everything much easier just to have mixed metals throughout the room and I think it complements the light and dark colors well.

I also had my woodworker create a built in vanity where I used another Ellie Cashman wallpaper. This turned out exactly as I’d envisioned… It’s perfect! I wanted it to be my vanity space where I could store all my makeup and get ready, but also a place I could use as a mini desk if, say, I’m working late at night and don’t want to be down in the study.

This was the [very primitive] rendering I gave to my woodworker and what he came up with is simply stunning. I will show it to you soon!! If you’re following me on Snapchat or Instagram (@tenipanosian) you’ll get the first look at all the reveals coming up.

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