I’ve never been big on the holiday season, but this year was particularly special for me because it meant decorating my home for the first time. Last Christmas, my house was down to the studs surrounded by piles of construction material, so it was hard to envision the winter wonderland it might be in the future. This year, I had my first go at a tree and outdoor decorations in my dream home.

I’d planned to do a video featuring my decorated home but unfortunately I came down with the flu. It threw my whole timeline off for about a week, so I figured I’d show you photos of my Christmas decorations instead!

I think my favorite decorations ended up being the wreaths in the entry. I found these small, lightweight wreaths at JoAnn Fabrics that were really pretty but I wasn’t sure what I’d do with them. Then it occurred to me that I could place them in alternating spaces in the paneling in the stairway. In fact, I wish I’d bought more and gone all the way up to the ceiling! I fixed them in place using the Command Strips with the clear hooks so you can’t see them, they just look suspended against the wall, and it won’t damage the walls when I take them off.


I went the traditional route with the banister, wrapping a garland around it that I found at Home Goods. It already had gold and silver ornaments, leaves, and pine cones in it so it went perfectly with my nature inspired theme for the whole house.

The fireplace was another space I added a garland piece: This one had built-in battery powered lights, but it matched the garland in the entry just perfectly. Since I hosted more than one holiday dinner in December, I really wanted to add some drama to the decor by placing candles at different heights throughout the garland on the fireplace. When my guests arrived, I had the candles lit and it made for a beautiful setting!

My tree was very much consistent with my vibe in general: Minimalist and natural! I pretty much always do the tree this way, with just silver and gold tones, lots of natural elements, and nothing at the top of the tree. I love for the tree to look like it could have been decorated in the middle of the forest so that’s my goal every time. I added pine cones, some with snow and others with glitter on the tips, twigs, birds, glittery branches, and antlers. It turned out to be a simple tree that looked great day and night.

As for the outdoor decorations, I wish I’d planned a little better and really did it up! Looking around at the houses around mine, my neighbors had these crazy light shows going on over at their homes, it made me feel like a rookie, ha! Next time around, I’m going for the 6 foot tall candy canes and the mega light show.

This time around, I had my own little Candy Cane Lane along the circular driveway, which I thought was the prettiest part of the outdoor decorations. Of course I had the icicle lights along the covered patio, and I picked up two nice sized nutcrackers from Hobby Lobby and placed them right outside the door. My mom brought over two large poinsettia plants, too, so I put them next to the nutcrackers. The wreath on the door was from Home Goods, which is pretty much where I get all my wreaths year round! And, continuing with the nature theme, I brought out the little animal decorations I’ve been using for a couple of years now: There are two deer, an owl, and a squirrel, all made of clusters of twigs. This year, I added two little snowmen to create the perfect little greeting committee at my door!

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