As many of you know, the Motives Mavens Sculpt Series palettes are at the top of everyone’s beauty wish list right now! All over social media I’m seeing eager beauty addicts waiting for their shipments to come in so they can try the highly-anticipated highlight and contour palettes that we’ve worked so hard to create. So first I’d like to thank everyone for the continued support and I sincerely hope you all LOVE these palettes as much as we do!

Here’s a quick breakdown of how I like to use the Sculpt Series palette: To start, I use the Fire palette, which is more suited for warm complexions. (The Ice palette is best for cooler undertones.) And the best part about these palettes is that they’re cream based, which makes it super simple to mix colors all across the palette to create the exact combination that’s right for your skin. Here’s what I’ve used:

1. I took Ignite and began laying down this light shade under my eyes in a triangle shape, extending out to the outermost part of my cheekbones and down the sides of my nose.
2. Next I mixed Ignite with a little bit of Glow and began applying around the outer corners of my mouth, down the bridge of my nose, my chin, and at the center of my forehead.
3. Taking Blaze I lined my hairline and jawline, as well as the sides of the tip of my nose and the hollows of my cheeks. My face is already pretty angular so I don’t do a ton of contouring. If you’re going for a more exaggerated contour, you can take Heat and apply just at the very outermost part of the hollows of your cheeks. The best way to find this is to feel around by your ears with your finger and find where the bone dips inward.
4. Finally, I took a blending brush and first started blending out the highlight shades since they’re lighter, then finished off by blending with the darker shades to create a soft, blended look.

And in case you’re wondering what I’m wearing on my eyes, it’s the Motives ELEMENT Color Box, of course! More on this coming soon!!

To get free shipping on any Motives order including the Sculpt Series palettes and the ELEMENT Color Box, be sure to use code “missmaven” at checkout!

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