There’s nothing I love more than fresh flowers around the house. It’s such a pleasant sight and it brings life to any space! When I have the time, I typically get a fresh set of flowers every two weeks or so either for my desk or the coffee table where the light streams in from the window. But flowers, as we all know, can get pretty pricey! And no matter how good they might look arranged and wrapped in paper, sometimes it gets stale putting them in the same boring vase.

I decided to get a little crafty with this week’s flowers and now I’m hooked! This takes barely any time at all and it costs so little money I almost feel guilty!! If I told you the little bouquet in my photos cost me roughly $13 to make, would you believe me?? Well, believe it. Here’s my secret: The Ralph’s by my house carries possibly the most gorgeous flowers around! The same bouquet on big flower sites or any flower shop in town would cost anywhere from $40-$60… More than I’d like to spend if I’m getting fresh flowers two or three times a month. And on top of that, I love that I can get creative with the subtle decoration around the vase.



So here’s what I did: I headed out to Ralph’s and bought two bouquets, one white and one peach, each with a dozen roses. Each bouquet cost me $9.99. (That wasn’t a typo!) Then I headed to the craft store and got myself two medium size Mason jars and a roll of skinny rope cording. I got home and trimmed up the roses and fit 10 in each jar, then took about a yard and a half of the cording and wrapped it around the mouth of the jar. I finished the look with a simple knot and let the remaining parts of the rope just hang for a nice rustic look.

So the roses rung up at $9.99, the jars at $1.40, and a giant roll of the rope cording that I can use over and over again was $6.99. If you’re doing something like a backyard party and want to create simple centerpieces, these are both gorgeous and very easy on the pocket book!

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