Contouring has become one of the biggest trends in beauty, taking sculpting and refining our facial features to a whole new advanced level! Thanks to Sephora, there are now tons of contouring products all in one place for us to choose from and, what’s more, they’ve got an entire contouring guide to help those of us who haven’t quite jumped on the contour wagon yet!


I get it— if you’ve never tried to contour your face, it can seem a little daunting. But even I sharpened my contour skills when I took a look at Sephora’s easy-to-follow contouring guide and was inspired to update you guys with a pictorial guide that I hope will help you. The first thing to keep in mind is that every face shape is different, therefore the contouring on each face will be different. I have a heart shaped face, with most of the width around my cheekbones and the top half of my face, and then a nice taper at my chin and jawline. My face is naturally pretty sculpted and, personally, I tend to like to elongate my face just a bit, so I most of the contouring at the outer edges of my face. Always keep that in mind: If you have a thinner, more sculpted face, take it easy on the contouring, and if you have a fuller face… Go to town!


For this pictorial, I used the Cover FX Contour Kit, which I’m so excited about! Cover FX is one of my absolute favorites in makeup, and I was thrilled to see they’d released a contour kit. I used the G Light-Medium, mostly because it has the golden undertones. The range of colors would work for the lightest light to a nice, solid medium complexion, which I’m closer to. To apply the colors, I used the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Contour Highlight #80 brush for both the highlight shade as well as the contour shade.

Step-by-step guide:

1. First, I applied my Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in 4.0 to my moisturized skin. It’s a nice lightweight foundation so the finished look won’t end up looking too heavy!

2. Of course, you want to start with the highlight first, so I applied the highlight shade (#1) under my eyes, under my cheekbones alone my jaw, at the center of my forehead, and a bit around my mouth. These are the spots I want to stand out and catch the light.

3. To narrow down the sides of my forehead and the widest part of my face, I contoured along my hairline and my cheekbones just by my ear with shade #4. Remember: Contouring recedes, highlighting projects!

4. Once I had the highlight and contour in place, I went in and blended out starting with the highlight, then carefully blending with the contour lines to create a nice, seamless look.

5. Finally, I set the makeup with my Laura Mercier Loose Transclucent Powder and applied my SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Blush in Rose Glow.

That’s really it! The one tip that I think is really important is to start with very little product first, because you can always build. And if you’re stuck on what areas of your face to contour, head over to Sephora’s site and check out the easy-to-follow guide! You can also walk into your nearest Sephora store and their skilled staff will give you a FREE Contour Mini Makeover to breakdown of how to contour your face and which products to use. No appointment necessary, just walk right in!


This post was sponsored by Sephora and Style Coalition.

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