One of the things I looked forward to most after buying my house was hosting my family and friends for joyful occasions.  This home was a fresh start, a chance to begin making new and wonderful memories with my loved ones, and this weekend was just one of those times. I hosted a co-ed baby shower for my friends John and Maria, and their sweet little Madeline. Maria’s family hosted a traditional baby shower last weekend, but I wanted to have a gathering of just the young adults, including family and friends from college, so it was a low key backyard party. But, of course, that didn’t stop me from putting together a cute boho-rustic shower! It was simple but still optimized for photo opps, of course.

I definitely wanted to DIY my way through as much of this party as I could. Since it was going to be pretty small, I figured I could do a lot of it myself and save some dough. Obviously, seating and dinnerware aren’t really an option for DIY (unless I’m missing something?!) so I went ahead and ordered some rentals from Palace Party Rentals here in LA. The table and chairs were very rustic and minimal, and the dinnerware was also simple but with a bohemian touch with the glassware. For the flowers, I decided to head down to the LA Flower Mart (big thanks to my best friend, Nicole, for coming with me and helping!) and pick up enough flowers for 3 large arrangements and some extras for decoration. This was a BIG money saver: Ordering 3 large centerpieces would have cost anywhere from $500-700. I got all my flowers from the Flower Mart for $200, including the extras that I used for the dessert table and photo area. Were it not for one major mistake on my part, the flowers would have turned out absolutely perfectly: Instead of getting the blocks that absorb water to keep the flowers looking fresh, I accidentally got the ones that didn’t absorb water. So, while the arrangements looked beautiful the night before, they were a little wilted the following morning when the party began. Womp. I was disappointed but it was a small detail that nobody really noticed.

As for the balloons, I also did these myself. I got a bunch of 24″ and 36″ inch round balloons from Etsy in blush, white, silver, and a metallic rose. This is one of those times when I envision a creative idea and it actually turned out exactly how I planned. Well, not at first… Allow me to explain: I wanted the giant balloons coming out of the pool and standing at varying heights. So I picked up a bunch of balloon weights from the party store, only to find that they just float on top of the water and don’t sink to the bottom like I’d wanted. So I improvised! I took the extra rocks and bricks left over from my home remodel and tied the balloons to those. They sank right down to the bottom and they didn’t cost a dime, ha! I haven’t seen this done before so hopefully this turns out to be something that you might try for your parties at home; it just looks really cool having a bunch of balloons poking out of your pool!

Finally, the photo area: This was another spot I saved some cash! There’s really no reason you couldn’t use items that you already have in your home as decorative elements for a party. First, I took the small table that usually sits at my banquette and took it outside as the dessert table. The look of it blended perfectly with the rustic theme; I just draped a blush crushed tulle fabric over it that I picked up at the fabric store for a little extra texture and flair. I also took a faux shearling rug that I had in storage and placed it right next to the dessert table, and next to it I put my vintage peacock chair that’s usually in my spare sitting room. With the flowers I had left over, I decorated one corner of the chair, added some to the semi naked cake, and even placed some in the pineapple bird bath and it turned out just perfectly. I also picked up a rustic wood plank that was really worn and whitewashed from Michael’s, and on it I painted Madeline’s name to add another meaningful element to the dessert table/photo area.

Speaking of the desserts, I have to take a moment and thank Marian at Kis Kreations for probably the best cake of all time and equally amazing desserts! I think the highlight of the whole party might have been these desserts!! People couldn’t stop talking about how delicious everything was. (I feel like normally there’s so much cake left over; not at this party! Everyone had some and even went back for seconds… It was that good.)

All in all, it was the perfect day. And had we not had the food, drinks, and cute decor, as long as we were all there with each other celebrating, it would still have been the perfect day. Times like this I am just so grateful to God for blessing us with togetherness. We enjoy the good times together and help one another pull through during the bad times… And that’s truly something to celebrate.

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