I had the pleasure of starting 2018 in a beautiful location with a wonderful brand: I headed up to Big Sur with Fresh and a few other influencers to experience the beauty at Ventana Big Sur as well as discover the latest products from Fresh.

The location couldn’t have been more perfect for a brand like Fresh: The air was crisp and clean, and the setting was simple yet stunning. Upon arrival at the Ventana Big Sur, we each had an appointment for a facial that took place outside overlooking the vast forest surrounding the resort. I figured a facial was the perfect activity right after getting off a plane, (which sucks the life and moisture out of your skin!) but I wasn’t prepared for the unbelievable results after this Fresh facial! The esthetician used everything from the Soy Face Cleanser (which I’ve since become fully dependent on!) to the Umbrian Clay Mask, as well as the Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence and the brand new Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask. You know I struggle with dryness with my skin, especially in the winter time. But this facial pumped so much life and bounce into my skin, it was something to behold!

For the rest of the trip all I used was the Soy Facial Cleanser, Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, (which I don’t apply with a cotton pad; I pour it into my hands and press it into my skin) and finished with the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream and the eye cream. My skin looked so good on this trip it was almost a shame to put makeup over it. I used so little makeup because I wanted to show off that radiant glow!

I think the best part of the trip was hearing the founders’ story. Lev and Alina gave us a little education session where they talked us through the ingredients they use and why they chose them, how they discovered them, and so on. But the most memorable part was when Lev told us his story of growing up in soviet Russia and watching his mother do her beauty ritual. He told us about how women had to acquire their beauty products from the black market because it otherwise wasn’t allowed to be sold there, and how they coveted those products because it was such an indulgence to be able to experience and enjoy a beauty product. That was what kickstarted his interest and passion in beauty and, when he met his wife, Alina, the two began the journey of creating Fresh. What I admire most about this brand is how committed they really are to keeping the products as natural as possible. In fact, Lev explained to us that natural products are many times much more strong (and sometimes dangerous to use on their own) than when they’re mixed with the proper chemical balance. To hear them speak with such passion and dedication to their work was truly inspiring and it was a privilege for us to receive that education. In fact, I wish I’d taken notes because they talked about so many things that, at the time, I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over, and now I can’t remember half of it!

Between the gorgeous hikes, the yoga, the huge sequoias, and the stellar skincare, this was a trip for the books.

non-selfie photos by Elizabeth Shrier. 

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