If you love having soft skin and being wrapped up in a delicious, irresistible scent, keep reading! I had the unique opportunity to travel to Paris and Grasse with Caress Body Wash to learn all about the making of perfumes and the fragrances that go into their body washes. Caress is a brand that I’ve used on and off for years, and after discovering more from their range of fragrances, I’m hooked!


Our journey began in Paris, where we enjoyed a leisurely evening before heading out to the Givaudan fragrance house the following day. We got a crash course on all things fragrance, from the different fragrance families to which base, mid, and top notes combine well together. Walking through Givaudan, we got to see all of the most popular fragrances they’ve created from brands all over the world, (there’s a good chance your favorite perfume was made there!) and we also had a chance to observe two perfumers in the making as they worked. The best part of the visit was when we got to play perfumer ourselves! Caress gave each of us a bottle of their Sheer Twilight fragrance, an enchanting, warm scent that’s available in body wash form, and asked us to play with base, mid, and top notes to try to create a close match. I’ll tell you this: Perfuming is no easy task! You need just the right balance of the different notes to create a well rounded fragrance. But after playing perfumer for the day, it was time to pack up and head to the fragrance capital of the world: Grasse.


It was in Grasse that we visited a fragrance museum and learned all about the history of perfumes as well as explored some of the most famous fragrances in the world. Once we wrapped up walking through the museum and checking out the exhibits, we reconvened for more fun activities with Caress! It was then that we learned about some of the new fragrances that Caress just released, including my current favorite: Enchant Forever. It’s the single most delicious scent! From the minute I squeeze it out onto my pouf in the shower, you can just tell how rich and decadent it is, not just in fragrance but in formula. The in-shower experience itself is so luxurious but once I step out of the shower, that’s when I really notice the body wash at work. My skin is instantly super soft, and the fragrance is embedded in my skin and I get pleasant whiffs of it throughout the day! But Enchant Forever is just one of 13 thoughtfully made body washes with fragrances made by the world’s premiere perfume experts.


Considering how Caress body washes are crafted and their 50 year history in fine fragrances, what makes them even more unique is the price point: The body washes and bars retail for under $7 and as low as $2.67! It’s the most accessible luxury experience you can find for a memorable shower and beautifully scented soft skin.

To learn more about Caress, visit HouseofCaress.com and explore more of their irresistible fragrances. And see more of my adventure through France with Caress in my travel diary below!