Halloween is right around the corner, and if you haven’t figured out a costume yet, I’ve got 5 different ideas that are simple and don’t require a whole lot of products! You’ll notice in some of the looks I used L’Oreal products which you can pick up at your local drugstore or Target, so that’ll save some time, too!

I came up with the Queen of Hearts kiss, which will take all of 60 seconds to complete. Just pair it with some bright pink lips and whatever other accents you want to add and you’re good to go! The ‘mermaid scale’ trick is one that’s been around for so long but not enough people use it! Just take a pair of fishnets and use any color combo your imagination can come up with to create faux scales on your skin. Personally I love doing this on the side of my face to create that half-human-half-reptile look. Of course a pair of false lashes can jazz up any look, and festive Halloween nails are definitely in! You don’t have to get colorful with it, either; in my Halloween hacks I created a nude and black pattern that resembles both a cat’s eye and claws, both of which are super Halloween appropriate. Finally, the most dramatic hack of all, (but also very simple!) is the lace mask: All you have to do is draw a mask of any shape around your eyes and use eyelash adhesive to glue bits of lace around the edges. It doesn’t look as easy as it actually is… That’s the best part!

Enjoy my Halloween hacks and I hope you all have a fantastic time celebrating the spooky holiday!


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