Getting a Haircut with Psoriasis

Joni Kazantzis

When you’re living with psoriasis, a simple task like getting a haircut, can cause stress and pain. Scalp psoriasis has always been one of my most problematic areas of this disease. I think it’s been my biggest pain point because of how visible is it, and because it’s always been so difficult to find something that treats it well without sacrificing clean looking hair.

Last week I took a trip to the hair salon for the first time in over a year. Before I moved out on my own, I continued to go to the same hair dresser that I always went to growing up and she was amazing with my hair and about my psoriasis. After I moved into New York City, I continued to take the train back to Long Island to get my hair done by her because I was nervous about having someone new do the job.

But when we moved to New Jersey in January 2017, I knew it was finally time to find someone new (only took a year). But with a new salon and a new hairdresser, there was some prep work that had to be done because everything about psoriasis seems to need extra time and effort.

The Search: I started my search by asking the other ladies in the neighborhood where they went, and then spent a lot of time reading reviews on Yelp. Nobody specifically mentioned having psoriasis in their review, but there were a lot of comments about personality, listening, and the pre-cut conversation that I knew would be important to my final decision.

The Call: When I finally narrowed down my selection, I called the salon to ask some questions about the type of products they use and to ask if my preferred hairdresser had experience (and would be comfortable) working with someone who had psoriasis. She didn’t have personal experience with a client, but she said knew what psoriasis was and didn’t have any concerns about performing the service.

Appointment Prep: The night before my appointment, I washed my hair with T-Gel shampoo and followed with an application of the MetaDerm scalp spray. The spray is one of the only treatment products I have used on my scalp psoriasis that doesn’t burn or s
mell and doesn’t leave my hair looking overly greasy. It’s been amazing to calm the itchiness and my biologic has been instrumental at clearing my spots. I do have some stubborn spots, so on the morning of my appointment, I applied the MetaDerm scalp spray again before I headed out just to give it some extra TLC.

The Appointment – Phase One: Before I headed back to get my hair washed, I sat down with the stylist to talk about what I was thinking about my hair, but we also discussed the best way for her to wash my hair to ensure I didn’t feel any discomfort. In the past, I’ve gone to haircut appointments with hair that I washed at home because I was having a bad flare and didn’t want to risk further irritation by using new products. But since my flare is under control, I sat back and let her do her thing. Haircut

The Appointment – Phase Two: I’ve seen conflicting feedback from people with scalp psoriasis about blow drying their hair causing irritation, but personally I get more irritation from letting my hair dry naturally. Plus I can never do it as well as they do in the salon, so I opted to get it blow dried there. She was cautious about brushing too hard in areas that I do have spots and ensuring the dryer wasn’t too hot pointed to those areas.

Overall I had an amazing experience and am happy with the service and with the loss of 6” of hair! The prep process can be a pain, but it can make the final experience so much better when you are prepared!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of MetaDerm. All thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information on the MetaDerm scalp spray and other psoriasis products, please visit