Anne had to change career because of her psoriasis

Amelie Mahler

Anne Trigg, 52, has lived with psoriasis since the age of 17 and had come to accept her skin condition which has impacted her throughout her life with regular flare ups. Anne has been married for 24 years with two grown-up daughters.

Anne believes there have been various triggers for her condition over the years ranging from teenage stress, post knee-op surgery and fundamentally, her chosen career in teaching. All have resulted in severe flare ups but it wasn’t until a nervous breakdown in her thirties when Anne realised that major changes were required in her life.

She says: “It was obvious to me that any type of physical or emotional stress was the key trigger for my worst bouts of psoriasis which were sometimes so bad that I’ve been hospitalised. I remember after having an operation in my twenties this caused a response on my knees, legs and abdomen which was really severe. Before that I’d also suffered with painful plaques behind my ears and scalp which were noticeable and a great source of further stress."

“Being a teacher also comes with a certain degree of pressure and stress and this wasn’t helping either. I’d actually become so poor that I took the very difficult decision to stop teaching and didn’t return to work which was heart-breaking for me but necessary if I was to ever get better."

“I spent several years just non-functioning compared to what I was used to and focussed on being a mum to my children, doing the school run and just having a very normal routine. This was part of my acceptance of dealing with my psoriasis. However, during this time I was having reflexology treatment and I became very interested in it. I began studying it and qualified as a reflexologist in 2010 and started practising myself. I subsequently also decided to put my years of teaching experience to good, positive use again and started to teach Reflexology at Foundation Degree level, which I absolutely love doing.”

Anne has also spent time working within the Complementary Therapies at Velindre Cancer Trust, working with adults and young people in the Teenage Cancer Trust, a role that has brought her a great deal of satisfaction as she’s been able to help and provide support to young people living with cancer.

“It’s really strange in as much as psoriasis was a symptom of my very ill health over the years but it was also the catalyst for a new path for me to follow in life.”

Anne had tried all the creams, ointments, coal tar wraps and had even maxed out on light therapies but nothing had ever really got to grips with her psoriasis until she discovered Sorion cream, which she found on HelloSkin whilst looking to match psoriasis symptoms with natural remedies.

“HelloSkin really seemed to understand all aspects of maintaining and managing healthy skin which really appealed to me as a reflexologist. It wasn’t just a case of buying a product and that was it – there was good follow up to see how things were working for me which I really liked and is also very important. With my interest in natural remedies, to try a cream so natural after all the steroid based treatments I’d had was such a relief and I was astounded when it actually worked in just two days. The redness which had plagued me for years was gone within days and new, healthy skin was also beginning to grow."

“It was an amazing feeling to think that I’d accepted that this was a condition that I would just have to get on and live with and not care what other people thought, and here I was now with a solution that I’d literally just stumbled across online that actually worked better than anything I’d ever tried in over 30 years.”

The worst feeling for Anne and something she found very upsetting particularly as a teenager and young, single PE teacher was the feeling that others felt that she was somehow ‘unclean’ or that the condition could even be contagious. Over time she learned to deal with this and reflecting back she believes that age and wisdom helped her to come to accept her psoriasis.  Along with the unwavering support of husband Mark and her children.

“I haven’t suffered with any flare ups for well over a year now and since using Sorion my skin is better than it’s ever been in my adult life. My skin has changed for the better and so has my emotional wellbeing which has definitely been enhanced by the improvement in my psoriasis. I’ve had lots of positive reactions from family and friends and can’t recommend the use of Sorion enough. It really has changed my life for the better.”

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