Coronavirus outbreak live!

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Coronavirus outbreak live!

Novel coronavirus Live Streaming: Breaking news, world Map and live counter on confirmed cases, recovered cases(COVID-19).

all credits goes to: Roylab Stats

I started live stream at 26th Jan. And since 30th Jan. I have been streamed this without stopping. Many people worry about the coronavirus spreads. For someone who wants to know the number and progress of worldwide spread of Coronavirus, I offer this live stream.

The purpose is not to make feel fear or comfortable to someone. I just present data to help percieving current situation. Data on screeen is official number announced by China National Health Commision(NHC) and each countries media and CDCs.

Now I am tring to show it without error. (I was doing this with python code. While I am working and sleeping, error might be occured. please don’t be surprised.) Data sources: DXY, Tencent, Wikipedia. Many comments in live chat is about the number on screen is not ‘real’.

I admit the possibility of being many people suffered without diagnosis and treatment in Wuhan. As you already know, Wuhan’s medical resources have been in shortage due to the number of patient are over which they can manage. The NHC couldn’t classify undiagnosed patients as confirmed cases. I think this reflects Wuhan’s extremely bad situation we can never imagine.

I hope these numbers will be dramatically reduced as improving diagnositc capacity, medical equipments. I think we are seeing the worst scenario of virus infection – it is what happening in Wuhan(Wuhan still have possilbity of getting worse). And other province of China seems to be greatly better than Wuhan.

I live in south korea. COVID19 infection in south korea seems to be stable. But I think we need to be warned not to enter advanced stage such as untracted local transmission.

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